here at gnot, we absolutely LOVE hearing feedback from our little missie and master gnots and the mummies and the daddies who use baby gnot! whether you use your hairbrush on dry or wet hair, tell us anything – we just love to hear from you….especially as there are so many different little people out there, from all over the world using our natural gnot detangler hairbrushes! we’ll post as many as we can often and give everyone a chance to feature. so calling all missie gnot, master gnot and baby gnot users – please get in touch!

“The baby for whom l bought your hairbrush has only just been born and she has a mop of black hair. Mum is delighted,it went all the way to France. I was delighted with the brush,it was reasonably priced, beautifully made and was in a lovely box,thank you. I was very impressed with your service, and quite a few of my friends have asked where l bought it from. Thank you again for your beautiful product and will recommend you to anyone of my friends who are going to be a new Mums!”

“beautiful product”

“I cannot believe how soft baby gnot is! I received it as a gift in my baby shower and now that I am using it, I can’t believe how soft it is! I will definitely be getting Georgina a missie gnot as soon as her hair grows!”

It’s just so soft!!

My little missie gnot is absolutely delighted – no static and lovely shiny looking hair after only a few strokes of the brush.  Even my son, notorious for never brushing his hair, loves the soft feel and results of a quick brush with his master gnot.  Best of all, the olive wood looks gorgeous and takes pride of place in their bedrooms ready for quick and easy use.  We love them!

we absolutely love them!


the perfect christening gift!


the perfect baby shower gift!


bad but good mum steals her daughter’s missie gnot!


gorgeous missie gnot in Canada

“Wow did my gift impress the relatives! Thank you gnot for the stunning master gnot hairbrush that I purchased for my nephew. He lives in Texas, so it was wonderful to buy him something unique…..his mum tells me he won’t use any other hairbrush and it’s a must for bedtime! They also recognised the quality of the hairbrush and as I only like to buy quality gifts, I will happily to spread the word!”

master gnot a hit in Texas!

“Our missie gnot hairbrush is truly amazing. You have to try it on wet hair – much better than anything else I have used – and no tears!”

Our missie gnot hairbrush is truly amazing

Orla will only brush her hair with her missie gnot brush. She loves it as it brushes her thick hair without any pain. She used to run away when I brushed her hair for fear of me tugging at the knots but now life is much easier. Her hair looks shiny and healthy too. I think the wild boar bristles are amazing as they really leave hair looking glossy.”

her hair looks shiny and healthy too

Who says boys don’t like hairbrushes? Archie loves his master gnot brush. It is a great manly shape for a little boy. He chucks it into his cricket bag and off he goes. It seems to be indestructible.

who says boys don’t like hairbrushes?

I had been looking for an heirloom brush for my daughter for ages. I found missie gnot in Selfridges and it is absolutely gorgeous. She now has her very own brush to use every day and it leaves her hair looking beautiful and shiny.

it leaves her hair looking beautiful and shiny

Ella loves me brushing her hair with her baby gnot hairbrush. It makes her so relaxed as the goat hair massages her scalp. It is a stunning quality brush

It is a stunning quality brush

The olive wood on our baby gnot hairbrush is amazing! You can feel the quality when you hold it. This will last forever!

This will last forever!

“We used to use a plastic hairbrush which just wrecked Zoe’s hair. When I bought her a missie gnot for Christmas, I wasn’t sure whether it would work on her hair – but what a natural shiny finish. She will not let me use anything else on hair now and it’s a drama if we can’t find her missie gnot!”

what a natural shiny finish

“Our missie gnot hairbrush is truly amazing. You have to try it on wet hair – much better than anything else I have used – and no tears!”

Our missie gnot hairbrush is truly amazing