gnot hairbrushes

a gorgeous natural detangling hairbrush

why-gnotWe want to see little people brushing their hair the natural and traditional way. Our gnot range for children has been made out of matured olive wood sourced from olive trees that can no longer bear fruit. The richness in the knots of the wood inspired us to call the brushes gnot, in acknowledgement of the natural beautiful patterns that the wood makes on its own after many, many years. Like a fingerprint, each hairbrush has its own unique gnot-print.

The strong wild boar bristles for missie and master gnot are made by nature to withstand high altitudes. They are selected and cut by hand, then carefully placed on the handle to ensure a quality brush stroke every time. They gently brush and de-tangle hair and leave a natural shiny finish.

With baby gnot, the fine goat hair will soothe the baby’s delicate scalp and won’t scratch their sensitive skin. It may also assist in gently brushing away the flakes of cradle cap, helping to keep the hair and skin healthy.

In today’s world where it seems everything is made of plastic, we believe quality is found in nature. The environment is very important to us and our packaging reflects this…..the gnot collection is sustainable, non-disposable and all our packaging is recyclable.

a gorgeous natural finish

why-gnot-1The natural coarse formation of the wild boar bristles creates less static than nylon. Pure natural bristles naturally care for the hair during daily brushing as any dirt or dust is removed. They stimulate the scalp and nourish the hair, preventing it from drying out. The careful spacing of the bristles ensures a full brush stroke, gently detangling the hair and allowing it to breathe whilst the natural oils (known as sebum) are carried from the top of the scalp to the ends of the hair, leaving a gorgeous natural finish.

a gorgeous gift

Parents, godparents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, the list goes on and on………whoever buys a gnot hairbrush is investing in a special and stylish keepsake. The gnot collection also makes an ideal gift for any Bridesmaids or Page Boys…..what better gift to capture a special day, than a present wrapped in memories, that can be used everyday – a gorgeous gift.